Alpaca throw blankets are one of those simple luxuries you don’t realize you’ve been missing out on until you’ve wrapped yourself in one. Alpaca wool is luxuriously soft, silky, and warm. 

Alpaca throws are versatile and elegant, making them simple to include in any design scheme. In this article, we’ll go over the top products on the market right now and break down their pros and cons. Here’s a brief rundown of our top picks:

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Why Buy an Alpaca Throw Blanket?

Alpaca wool is a delicate textile with many attractive characteristics and the ability to give years of improved durability. The better quality of an alpaca blanket comes with several benefits.

Alpaca fleece is softer than cashmere and its thermal properties make it warmer than sheep’s wool. It’s breathable and devoid of lanolin, which can cause skin irritations.

These blankets are equally lightweight, yet they give incredible warmth. Alpaca wool has a silky smooth feel that will have you running your fingertips over the amazing softness.

What Makes Them a Decor Must Have?

Alpaca blankets and throws come in a wide range of colors and designs, ranging from soothing natural tones to vivid and dynamic colors. They are aesthetically pleasing and can add style to any space in your home.

The Best Alpaca Blankets 2021: Unbiased Review

Let’s see review these products in terms of warmth, durability, style, and comfort.


Cuddling up in a blanket and being all warm and snug is one of the best feelings in the world. Alpakita’s wool blanket is our top pick for sure. It is so ridiculously soft that we want to swaddle in it. 

Skilled Ecuadorian artisans handcraft this blanket out of premium-grade Alpaca wool. This hypoallergenic blanket is made of recycled materials and is made up of 40% modacrylic and 60% alpaca.

You will forgive yourself if you don’t believe it’ll keep you warm because it’s so light. However, it does. The silky, smooth texture also feels great against the skin.


  • Exceptionally soft and warm.
  • It’s hypoallergenic it will not irritate your skin.
  • Lightweight.
  • Machine washable.


  • Only available in twin sizes.
  • Does tend to shed.

Blanket throws are an incredible way to spruce up your living space. This blanket from Maloca is no exception. This blanket is excellent for wrapping around your favorite chair and keeping you toasty.

This luxurious alpaca blanket is pure indulgence, made entirely of 100% Royal Alpaca Fiber. Unlike sheep’s wool, Alpaca fiber has microscopic air pockets that make this blanket throw light and breathable. 

The subtle herringbone design is incredibly beautiful. The dimensions of this blanket are 13.39 inches by 9.25 inches by 1.38 inches. It can also be used as a stylish throw to drape around your shoulders all year round.


  • Exceptionally soft.
  • Subtle herringbone pattern, ideal for aesthetic purposes.
  • Available in a variety of colors.


  • The sizes are different depending on the color.
  • Some customers thought it was overpriced for a lightweight throw blanket.
  • Hand wash only.

During the winter months, this thick alpaca wool blanket is the ideal companion. It’s not only fantastic for outdoor activities like camping, but it’s also an excellent choice when the temperatures turn frigid.

This alpaca blanket is made from 52% recycled Alpaca Wool, 33% recycled wool, and 15% cotton. The thickness of the blanket will keep you toasty whether you’re in bed or curled up on the couch reading a good book.

We like that you can select from a variety of colors to suit your aesthetic and design needs. There are also three different sizes to choose from. It also comes with a convenient travel case, making it ideal for camping or skiing adventures.


  • The blanket’s incredible thickness.
  • Twin, queen, and king sizes are available.
  • It comes with a convenient travel case.
  • Durable.


  • Not hypoallergenic, customers complained about it being itchy.
  • Does tend to shed.
  • Dry clean only.

Honestly, we were taken aback by this alpaca blanket. We didn’t have great hopes for this blanket because it’s as thin as a shawl. We were sorely mistaken.

Despite its thinness, the blanket is warm and is temperature and moisture-regulating. The incredible softness is comparable to cashmere, but the textures are silkier, finer, and more delicate than most alpaca throws.

Made exclusively from 100% Baby Alpaca, this throw is hypoallergenic and lanolin-free, making it safe for those with sensitive skin. It is wrinkle-free, odor-resistant, and flame-resistant.


  • Lightweight.
  • The textures are soft, silky, and fine, unlike traditional alpaca wool.
  • It’s surprisingly warm given its thinness, and it may also be worn as a shawl.


  • Very expensive.

If you’re in search of the perfect gift to give to someone special or yourself, this is it. This throw blanket is made entirely of 100% natural baby alpaca wool and is free of allergens like lanolin.

It is safe to say that anyone with sensitive skin won’t experience any skin irritation. This alpaca throw is light enough to travel with and warm enough no matter how thin.

With plenty of eye-catching colors to choose from, this throw will add a pop of color to any design space. This blanket is also incredible for any gift-giving occasion.


  • Allergen-free, lightweight, and organic.
  • It doesn’t shed.


  • Some customers claim that the colors are either darker or lighter than they expected.
  • If exposed to the sun for an extended period, colors may fade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Clean My Alpaca Blanket?

Some alpaca blankets may be machine washed on a gentle cycle. Others, on the other hand, can only be dry cleaned or hand washed. For care instructions, check the manufacturer’s label or go to the manufacturer’s website.

What Happens if You Put Alpaca Blankets in the Dryer? 

Heat can cause alpaca wool to shrink and should be avoided. Alpaca wool can be irreparably damaged if it is washed in hot water, tumble-dried, heated, or exposed to direct sunlight.

How Do I Stop My Alpaca Blanket From Shedding?

An alpaca blanket may shed some stray fibers. Shedding is natural and will decrease over time. Washing or rinsing your blanket by hand in cold water can help remove loose fibers.

What Is the Best Alpaca Blanket?

It was difficult to choose our top pick, but Alpakita’s Premium Handmade alpaca wool blanket came out on top. Made from premium-grade alpaca wool, this blanket is luxuriously soft and incredibly warm. 

To get the most out of your Alpaca blanket, make sure it is machine washed by carefully reading the care instructions. If not, most alpaca blankets may be hand washed and dry cleaned.

Do you have a blanket made of alpaca? Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments section below!

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