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It’s A Family Affair At The Alpaca Life

Molly and her husband Jake made the plunge to buy their own small herd of alpacas and llamas five years ago. Originally the idea was just to have fun, family pets that their young daughter Jessie could love and enjoy and they could grow with her.

However, in February 2020, when the Coronavirus took the world by storm and everyone was forced to stay at home, Molly and Jake found themselves spending more and more time with their fleece-covered camelids and decided to share their fun and love with the world.

The Thompsons made the decision to add more alpacas to the herd and have a small alpaca farm. This was more about the enjoyment of the animals than a viable business venture, however, it quickly became apparent to Molly that the demand for high-quality alpaca products was huge, but only a small amount of information was available online.

That’s when The Alpaca Life was born.

After years of raising alpacas, Molly wanted to be able to educate and inform people about these wonderful animals; their history, their personality and the amazing quality of the alpaca fiber. She wants to help people to make informed buying decisions when it comes to purchasing alpaca products to advise quality merchandise from reputable, sustainable and ethical retailers.

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Molly Thompson

The founder and editor of The Alpaca Life

Jake Thompson

PR director

Jessie Thompson

"Chief Alpaca Hugger"